How to Find Inexpensive Bridal Shoes

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He finally did it. He proposed and you are getting married. Then, after months of preparation, your big day is getting nearer and nearer. You have your dress sorted, you know who is doing your hair and make up and the flowers are being arranged. But what about shoes? For some, this can be quite an undertaking since they can cost nearly as much as the dress! However, with a bit of work and ingenuity, it is possible to find inexpensive bridal shoes.

There is this misconception that shoes bought by brides have to be more expensive simply because they are white or ivory, or because they are made from a satin fabric. Well this really doesn’t have to be the case, since there are plenty of beautiful, fashionable shoes out there which can be had for regular prices!

The first place to look is in normal stores and shops, including the department stores. At this point, it is probably wise to avoid specific bridal shops as they will simply add a premium onto things like shoes. Look for ones to match your dress color. It should be a little easier to find an affordable, good looking wedding shoes when you are wearing white or ivory. Be patient, take your time and be certain to look in a number of stores.

The main difference between normal shoes and those specifically designed for a wedding day is that bridal shoes will usually be more decorative. One option is to buy a more basic, simple show and with a little creativity you can add pretty flowers or add on patterns or beads to make them look a bit special. You can turn a simple shoe into a real beauty for just a small amount of money.

Looking online, especially at places that sell shoes second hand, is a great way to find cheaper bridal shoes. Many brides simply adore their shoes on the big day, but once the wedding is over, they often realize that there is little point in keeping them as they don’t match anything else in their wardrobe. So why not spend less, especially since those shoes will be used for just the one day.

And finally never ever underestimate what you already have. Remember that women only wear around 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. So, look around, in the closed, the loft or that old storage box hidden on the top shelf. You might even find a pair of shoes you bought years ago and totally forgot about that could be perfect!

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