Bridal Shoes That Match Your Style

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You will probably spend many days or even weeks searching for the perfect wedding dress. Then you will need accessories to accent your wedding attire. Even if you choose a full-length wedding gown for your special day, selecting the right shoes is also very important. Your bridal shoes will affect the way you feel and look throughout your event, especially since you will spend most of your wedding day on your feet.

Important Shoe Tips For All Day Comfort

Make sure to use the help of a salesperson when shopping for bridal shoes. Ask him/her to measure both of your feet, since one may be larger than the other. Be sure the shoes comfortably fit your larger foot.

Choose a heel that is comfortable for dancing at your wedding venue. Narrow heels provide less support than a thicker heels.

Consider a flat instead of a heel for a beach weddings and definitely stay away from stilettos if you are on grass.

Shoes may fit differently at various times of the day. Sometimes feet can swell as the day progresses, so make sure to shop for shoes late in the day.

Try on shoes with the same hosiery you plan on wearing at your wedding. This will ensure that the shoe will fit the same way on your special day.

Important Shoe Tips For Appearance

If you are close to your groom in height, consider whether you want a heel, that will ensure you are the same size or shorter than your groom when taking your wedding photographs.

Dyed shoe colors can look different shades depending on the light. View the color under the lighting at your wedding venue before dyeing your shoes. This helps you choose a color that will complement your dress the best.

Bring a swatch of fabric from your dress when you shop. Shoe fabrics and dress fabrics vary, so make sure that the fabric of the shoes will accent your dress well.

Once you decide on the shade of your dye, ask whether the dye will appear lighter or darker on the shoes.

Choose a shoe that complements your dress. A simple shoe will accent an ornate dress and a simple dress may look best with a more decorative shoe.

Take the time to shop carefully for the perfect wedding shoes. The right shoes will ensure you feel comfortable while you enjoy your day as a bride.

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