Bridal Shoes That Match Your Style

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You will probably spend many days or even weeks searching for the perfect wedding dress. Then you will need accessories to accent your wedding attire. Even if you choose a full-length wedding gown for your special day, selecting the right shoes is also very important. Your bridal shoes will affect the way you feel and look throughout your event, especially since you will spend most of your wedding day on your feet.

Important Shoe Tips For All Day Comfort

Make sure to use the help of a salesperson when shopping for bridal shoes. Ask him/her to measure both of your feet, since one may be larger than the other. Be sure the shoes comfortably fit your larger foot.

Choose a heel that is comfortable for dancing at your wedding venue. Narrow heels provide less support than a thicker heels.

Consider a flat instead of a heel for a beach weddings and definitely stay away from stilettos if you are on grass.

Shoes may fit differently at various times of the day. Sometimes feet can swell as the day progresses, so make sure to shop for shoes late in the day.

Try on shoes with the same hosiery you plan on wearing at your wedding. This will ensure that the shoe will fit the same way on your special day.

Important Shoe Tips For Appearance

If you are close to your groom in height, consider whether you want a heel, that will ensure you are the same size or shorter than your groom when taking your wedding photographs.

Dyed shoe colors can look different shades depending on the light. View the color under the lighting at your wedding venue before dyeing your shoes. This helps you choose a color that will complement your dress the best.

Bring a swatch of fabric from your dress when you shop. Shoe fabrics and dress fabrics vary, so make sure that the fabric of the shoes will accent your dress well.

Once you decide on the shade of your dye, ask whether the dye will appear lighter or darker on the shoes.

Choose a shoe that complements your dress. A simple shoe will accent an ornate dress and a simple dress may look best with a more decorative shoe.

Take the time to shop carefully for the perfect wedding shoes. The right shoes will ensure you feel comfortable while you enjoy your day as a bride.

Make Sure You Get the Right Shoes

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There are several ways to find the right shoes for a wedding dress and to make sure they’ll be perfectly coordinated to your wedding ensemble.

High-heeled strappy sandals are an elegant choice for an evening affair and go well with glamorous gown. A more casual or informal event at a courthouse is suitable to more casual shoes like dress mules.

But you have to consider more than just the style of shoes for a wedding when you’re going to be wearing even an informal wedding gown. Now you have to think about colors and shades, fabrics and alterations and even how detailed the shoes should be.

And you should always buy your wedding dress before you go shopping for your footwear.

  • All shades of white are not the same: If your wedding dress is white, take a swatch of the dress fabric with you to match the shoes. If the shoes you want don’t match, you might be able to use a bridal rinse to bring them to the correct shade of your dress.
  • Gown Alterations and Wedding Shoes: When you’re going out to try on gowns, make sure you have a pair of shoes with you that are the same height of the shoes you’ll wearing for your wedding, including any platform height. When you shop for your shoes, take the shoes with you that used for your first gown fitting so you can find the right shoes for a wedding gown final fitting and for your wedding. It’s crucial that you do get your wedding shoes before the final fitting. If you happen to get shoes that are even slightly higher or shorter than the shoes you wore for the alterations, your gown could unfortunately end up too long or too short.
  • Coordinating the Fabrics for Wedding Shoes and Gown: Use the bottom of your wedding dress to choose the fabric for your wedding shoes. If you have a shiny fabric wedding gown, select satin shoes to coordinate.
  • The Right Shoes for a Wedding Should Complement Your Gown: The rule of thumb – fancy shoes for a simple dress or simple shoes with a fancy dress. When you go by this rule, you avoid the need for having to match embellishments and details of your gown to the shoes.
  • If you prefer to have shoes with some embellishments like beading or shiny satin, makes sure the details on the shoes coordinate and blend well with the gown.

If you start early and take your time, you should have no trouble finding just the right shoes for a wedding that both complement the type of affair and complement the dress.

Some Hints for Happy Feet

Make sure the shoes for a wedding are the right ones and they make your feet as happy as they make you:

  • Never sacrifice comfort for style. You’ll be on your feet from long before you walk down the aisle clear through the to last dance.
  • Select a heel height that you’re used to wearing fairly often. Wider heels also provide more support and stability.
  • Ensure a properly fitting shoe by shopping at the end of the day, when your feet are at their largest.
  • Break your shoes in by wearing them around the house a few times before your wedding day. If you notice blisters, buy cushions to prevent irritation.
  • Pack some bandages and moleskin into your wedding purse so you have them on hand just in case those new shoes give you a little bit of trouble.
  • The soles of new shoes can be slick and slippery. Give them some added traction by gently roughing the soles with a piece of sandpaper for added grip.

Understanding Converse Shoes

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Converse shoes are popular since ages. This brand of shoes has been around for many years and they still appear stylish. Initially they were introduced in black color. But over the years, many styles and colors have been released. People have a liking towards the yellow color shoe, as it blends with different fashions and outfits. This shoe is a simple shoe that is made of rubber and canvas. It is comfortable and stylish too. Even school children wear these shoes. In fact, it is now understood that this type of shoes easily fits with most school dress codes and are also found to be fashionable.

Marquis Mills Converse had established his rubber shoe company in the year 1908 in Malden Ma. It went ahead to produce the Converse All Star shoe which was considered as the most classic shoe. In those days, the company focused on producing basketball shoes. It was in the year 1923, when Converse customized basketball shoes for the New York Bens, who were the first African American basketball team. In 1939 both teams of the first NCAA Championship game played, by wearing their Converse All Stars Shoes. Earlier, All Star Shoes could be purchased either in black or white but later with its ever growing popularity, seven additional colors were added by the company.

Converse is a brand name for basketball shoes. In the year 1918, it was Charles H. Taylor a basketball player, who patronized this canvas shoes which made of rubber soles. In the 80’S, Converse Company went out of business and finally it was purchased by Nike. The company “Nike” produced the Converse shoes in China in order to reduce the producing cost.

Today, Converse shoes are specially worn by entirely new crowd. The major section of the people who wear Converse shoe, are not connected with basketball game. In fact, they have not even touched a basketball in their entire life time. However, these shoes are popular among them. It’s a common practice for kids to wear Converse shoes at school. They feel comfortable and enjoy wearing it.

Converse shoes are comfortable, durable in nature and look cool. The entire design is simple but yet smart looking. It is a known fact that Converse shoes have been for about 90 years now. The best part is that they are still selling. I am proud of particular footwear that has been popular since many years and it is still being popular among different types of people. Anyone can wear them. Yes, I am talking about these shoes.